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About Stephen Skok

Hi & welcome to my Almost Daily Photoblog.

I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. Photography is engaging, fun and an exercise in ongoing learning about imagery, aesthetics, production, post production, technology and people. When I can add travel and music to the mix, it doesn't get much better.

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For a bit of pure fun, especially if your have a fondness for 4 legged creatures, check out;

Cheers, Steve.

Photography Equipment

in case you're interested:
- When I went digital, I switched from a lifetime of Nikon to Canon.
- The pix in these galleries were taken with iPhone 4, Canon 3G, 10G, S95, S100, 20D, 350D, 40D, 7D & 5D, using various Canon lenses.

I've become a big fan of Lightroom.